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Penha Longa Catering

Chef Sergi Arola

(Arola, LAB by Sergi Arola, Penha Longa Resort)

Charismatic. Catalan. 1968. Rebel with a cause.

Enjoys motorbikes, Spain, Portugal, India and the world.

A Rock ’n’ Roll star with a wild culinary soul.

He gained his position thanks to experience with renowned chefs such as Ferran Adrià of the “el Buli” and the acclaimed Pierre Gagnaire.

Chef Sergi has launched dining concepts in cities like Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Verbier, Santiago de Chile,Barcelona and Madrid and became an international culinary sensation and television personality with Master Chef and many other programs .With his stamp on a variety of award-winning restaurants Sergi Arola has achieved what so many are keen to gain … international fame.

The Chef who made his name a brand.